Sunday, November 23, 2008

Curves With Wheeled Nippers

I used a strip of glass 1 inch wide. That is a nickel for comparison purposes. These are some of the cuts I made. Notice the one on the lower left. I just nip off the upper right corner & will get a cut like the upper left. Most cuts look more or less like the upper right squiggle. Then you can leave as is, nip at angle, or nip to a point.

I make a cut with the wheeled nippers - it all depends how thick you want

This is a pic after I use the wheeled nippers. I go in the middle & it comes out curvey Then just continue nipping down the strip. Very easy.

Edited to add you can make your strips smaller but if you do wider strips it doesn't cut the whole width of the strip.

These cuts are great for making hair & fur. Here is a piece made of my Mom's dog.