Saturday, September 6, 2008

Guided Tour Of The Beetle Bits System Part 2

Making diamonds & triangles are quick and easy with the Beetle Bits System.

I am using red mirror tile in this tutorial as it is easier to see the score lines.

I scored lines 3/4 inches apart and turned the glass and am making 3/4-inch scores again making perfect squares.

Turn your compass to 45 degrees and set your tadpole in place.

I use the edge of the glass on the left side to measure when moving the glass. I eyeball with the little yellow arrow on the Flying Beetle Cutter the center of the first square and make my score.

Continue scoring every 3/4 inches.

All that's left is running the glass.

Diamonds are just as easy.

I set your tadpoles up so they are at 60 degrees on either side of the compass.

I set the bar in one of the tadpoles and score my glass to the desired size of my diamonds. In this tutorial I am making 3/4-inch diamonds.

I lift the bar to the other tadpole and score every 3/4-inch here as well.

Look at those pretty diamonds!

You can also make triangles from diamonds(and from squares). Set your bar so that it is straight at 90 degrees on your compass. I just eyeball the middle of a diamond with the yellow arrow on the Flying Beetle cutter and score the glass.

Here you have triangles made from squares at the top of the picture.
You can see diamonds and triangles made from diamonds in the center of the picture.

Beetle Bits was made for mosaics. It's easy, quick, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to make it work!

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