Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grinding Edges On Glass

Grinding edges of tiny pieces of glass can be a little tricky. It's easy to grind away your nails, cutting your hands from holding the glass pressing into the grinder, etc.

I invested in the Glastar Griffi & highly recommend it. It makes grinding glass so much safer & easier.

What's great about it is you grind while it is sitting on your grinder - perfect angle - and it's under the glass eye shield so your eyes are still protected using the Griffi.

I took a pic with a dime to show you the leaves I am grinding for comparison purposes. The Griffi is also holding one of the leaves with no problem. It is perfect for grinding your glass, no matter what the size! The glass pieces do not go flying anywhere. The Griffi holds onto the glass no matter what the size.

Here is a photo using the leaves.

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