Sunday, March 15, 2009

Double Direct Method on Mesh

The double direct method on mesh is one method of laying your tessarae onto your substrate. What is great about this is if your substrate is vertical or 3D this really helps. It is easier to keep your pattern & very flexible in that you can install it anywhere, whether it is on a tabletop, kitchen backsplash, or an outside mural. The versatility is tremendous.

You will need fiberglass mesh before you begin. It is very important to use fiberglass mesh since it takes much longer for it to deteriorate than other mesh. This is sold in square yard sections or you can get it in a continuous roll - I call it drywall tape.

I am using the drywall tape in the roll as this is what I have on hand. Now mine is a little dirty because I used this roll when making cement leaves for a reinforcement between layers of cement and cement is rather messy. But I think it helps in the pictures to see how it works. It is a little sticky so it helps holding the tape to each other.

  • Layer 1 - Pattern

  • Layer 2 - Wax paper or Saran Wrap

  • Layer 3 - Mesh

  • Layer 4 - Tessarae

Here is a pic of the different layers. You can use Weldbond to glue your tessarae onto the mesh as well as other glues. I am using Dap Kwik Seal Kitchen & Bath Adhesive Caulk in the clear






Here I am gluing the tessarae down over the pattern and the mesh. My pattern isn't exact - just a rough sketch but since it was retangular in shape I didn't really need it to be exact. The tessarae is some broken dishes.



The finished birdhouse. I'm already thinking of making the roof white. I can take the tessarae off easily when I change my mind.

You can either glue or use thin set mortar to place the mesh and tessarae onto your substrate and then grout.

What's great about using the mesh, I plan on making different flowers on mesh too. I will then glue all the different flowers & the birdhouse on a big piece of mesh together to make the design complete and then glueing onto the substrate. I'm doing this so I can do placement of everything on the final piece.


Michelle said...

I will be doing a kitchen backsplash soon & am investigating the proper way of doing so. I plan to use the Wedi board 1/4'' thick which will be screwed to the wall first. Then using the method you suggest (place saran paper on top of design, then fibreglass strips, then the tesserae). Once the design is complete, do you then apply adhesive cement to the Wedi board and place the finished piece on top & then grout ? Please help & a big thanks,

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